BroVo Spirits “Witty” Dry Vermouth

$17.99 (PA tax not included)

90 points, “Best Buy,” Wine Enthusiast, December 2016.

Witty is BroVo's version of a dry white vermouth. It starts with Sauvignon Blanc wine from the Wahluke Slope.

Made from a four stage process that infuses different herbs and spices into the wine and spirit bases. Using angelica, chamomile, lemon peel, rosemary, coriander, fennel, pao d’oro bark, orange peel, burdock root, cardamom, dried rose, sage, damiana, hyssop, thyme, and marigold. Then it is sweetened to about 1.25% sugar with a simple syrup cooked with bay leaf and vanilla bean.


The heart and soul of BroVo distillery lies in making amaro (Italian bitters/digestifs). They aren’t trying to duplicate the Italians, but developing an American style, that is reflective of the terroir and palate of a place.

BroVo continues to work with bartenders in different markets, to make different products. They’ve made 23 amari now. Working this way has given them a deep respect for a bartender’s palate, and expertise in putting flavor together.

Known as Project Amaro, BroVo works with bartenders in different cities to define the terroir and palate of a place.

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Tasting Notes

Acidic, crisp, bright and citrusy. Full of lemon and orange, basil, rosemary and marigold flavors.

How to Use It

Witty is an acidic vermouth: great with gin and with sake. It is also a substitute for citrus in a cocktail when you want to add acidity, but don’t want to use citrus.

Alcohol by Volume

19.9% ABV, 39 proof


Woodinville, Washington