Duplin Winery Sangria

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Duplin Sangria combines a splash of sweet Citrus with delicious Southern grown grapes. Simply scrumptious over ice and with your favorite fruits.

Scuppernong/Muscadine is a native American grape that is famous for unique sweet wines that are made all throughout the southern USA. Full of antioxidants, grapey, with floral burst of flavor on your palate and a clean finish.

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Claiming the title “North Carolina’s Oldest Winery,” Duplin has been at it since the 1970s and since has built a national wine brand that has garnered hundreds of accolades and awards. The winery specializes in making sweet wines with the local Muscadine grape, known by scientists to be one of the highest in antioxidants. For that reason, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing something healthy for yourself with every sip…


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Tasting Notes

Tastes like a glass of freshly crushed cranberries, a little raspberry, a hint of citrus and strawberry.

Food Pairing Tips:

A sweet wine like this is great with soft cheeses, desserts and as a reduction on cakes and ice cream. See our video for cocktail ideas!


Duplin, North Carolina

Grape / Varietal Type(s):

Muscadine / Scuppernong

Alcohol by Volume


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