Gouguenheim Wines

Argentina Delivers Big: Why Gouguenheim Wine is a Best Buy in PA

Ask a wine drinker if they like Malbec, and they’ll say, “I love wine from Argentina!” even though the grape is originally from France. And while, five years ago you could almost count on there being a bottle of something from California on a person’s kitchen counter, these days it’s more likely Argentine.

It is indisputable that Argentina has become a hot spot for wine lovers, and for good reason. So much great wine is being made here now, that you can buy world-class drinks for half the price of more famous regions. The country is the fifth largest wine producer in the world.

Most of this volume comes from one region alone: Mendoza, located west, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, along the border with Chile. This is where you’ll find the Gouguenheim winery.

patricio gouguenheimMeet Patricio

Born in Argentina to French parents, Winemaker Patricio Gouguenheim has been crazy about wine since his childhood. Originally a professional in Mergers and Acquisitions, his work took him to Mendoza during the economic crash of 2002. It was there that he first learned of an old winery in nearby Uco Valley, in disrepair and up for sale. A wild seed was planted, and in a move that his two daughters called, “mad,” Patricio decided to hang up his suit and tie – and start making wine.

The Winery

The winery has 98 acres of vineyards, located at over 3,600 feet above sea level. With a desert climate and 320 days of sun exposure a year, meltwater from the snow of the Andes Mountains must be carried by irrigation channels, through the sandy soils, to the vines. There’s a big temperature difference, called a Diurnal Swing, between day and night, that allows for the perfect ripening of the grapes.

The Wines

Gouguenheim has become one of the best performing/top quality wineries in Argentina. They currently make about 15 different wines and are distributed in 15 countries. Deschere’s is proud to bring Gouguenheim to the state of PA. We really believe these wines deliver so much, for the price! Read on to discover why:

37749 Gouguenheim Malbec
#73177: 2014 Gouguenheim Malbec Reserva – $11.99

Big, dry, fruity, rich and smooth with soft tannins. Dark ruby color, aromas of blackberry, spice, earth, coffee, smoke and toast. Good balance, long and lasting finish. A wine this bold and complex needs a bold and complex food pairing, we suggest French cassoulet, hearty beef stew or Lamb Tagine. More info here…

#73178: 2013 Gouguenheim Cabernet Reserva – $11.99

Beautiful dark red, with juicy black cherry, spice, dried figs and anise flavors. Smooth and rich! A more fruit-driven Cabernet like this is great with grilled red meats, burgers and tomato-based stews. More info here…

73623 Gouguenheim Sparkling Malbec
#72623: Gouguenheim Sparkling Malbec (Rosé) – $10.99

A pale rose color. Delicate, with red fruit aromas, predominantly of cherries and strawberries. Very fresh in the mouth, soft tones with well-balanced acidity. Small, brilliant bubbles. An amazing buy at this price, perfect for light apps, rich cheeses, and shellfish of all kinds! More info here…

Does all of this sound good? Be sure to look for Gouguenheim wines in your local PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits Store. We also import their Merlot, Chardonnay and a Torrontes too… all similarly great buys!

Want to learn more about Patricio and Gouguenheim wines? Check out this YouTube video:

Five for Fall: Easy and Affordable Wines


Autumn is here, soon to bring the inevitable rush of the holidays. Rather than add to your stress, we at Deschere’s prefer to help you avoid it; so, here are five deliciously-different wines to stock up on now. We feel that wine is not only beneficial – actually, necessary – for your health and sanity, especially during the holidays!

1) A Must For Any Celebration

Whether you’re going to a party, or throwing one, sparkling wine is a must: But you don’t need to break the bank on expensive Champagne! Washington’s Treveri Cellars makes bubbly on par with fine Champagne, but for much less. Their 91-point Blanc de Blanc (100% Chardonnay) is great for celebratory toasts, appetizer courses and even in mixed drinks. We’re big fans of their entire line of award-winning wines, and predict Treveri might even become your new go-to for New Year’s Eve!

Fox Run Arctic Fox2) A Sweet Partner for Your Meal

If you’re looking for a wine with an easygoing attitude and a sweet disposition, we’d like to suggest Fox Run’s Arctic Fox. Made right here in the USA, in New York’s Finger Lakes region, Fox Run has been making wines for almost twenty years. Made from the Cayuga grape, this is a fragrant and citrusy wine akin to a German Riesling. Pair with any course, from soft cheeses to roasted ham, to dessert. Great for Football Season: Try it with grilled chicken wings! See our video for more info…

Artesana Tannat Rosé3) Rosé Season is NOT Over!

Artesana Tannat rosé has a very interesting background story: It’s made from a French grape, in Uruguay, South America, by two women winemakers. Slightly more full-bodied, citrusy and lip-smackingly tart, it’s perfect with just about any kind of food, from starters, salads and appetizers to poultry and seafood. A versatile food partner, great with glazed hams. Check out our video with wine expert Marc Supsic for more information!

4) Something Subtle and Refined

For those who enjoy a red, but want something a little lighter and more elegant, we suggest Pinot noir. Oregon is well-known for its beautiful French-style Pinots and this one from Eola Hills Winery comes with 35 years of experience in the bottle. This is dry, tart and full of fresh cranberry and raspberry flavors, which means it’s perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Pair it with pork, turkey and especially, duck. Get some Holiday Pinot pairing ideas with wine pro, Marc Supsic.

McPherson La Herencia5) A Red as Big As Texas

Of course, we know sometimes you just want a wine that tells it like it is. For the big, bold red wine drinker, here’s a beautiful blend, made from five different grapes, that won’t disappoint. McPherson cellars is 100% Texas – that’s right, Lubbock Texas – and La Herencia (Spanish for “Heritage”) is the kind of wine you drink when subtlety is not necessary. Full-bodied, tannic and even a little oaky, La Herencia will stand up to grilled meats, game meats, and even your Uncle Bud’s off-color remarks at the dinner table. Check out our video for a taste of La Herencia!

All of our selections are available through Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores. If you need help locating a bottle of ours, please contact marc@descheres.com and we’ll help you find it at your nearest store.

Cheers, and happy (responsible) drinking,
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Sheldrake Point Rose

Exploring the Finger Lakes: Sheldrake Point’s Dry Rosé

The Quick Sip
Just in time for Spring, we have a new rosé on the shelves! If you’ve never had a wine from the Finger Lakes region before, you’ll be surprised to see how good they are.

The Finger Lakes Region
Located in western/central New York, the area is named after 11 long, narrow lakes that resemble a handful of fingers (OK, maybe two-plus handfuls). And in turn, the lakes were named by the Native American Iroquois, the area’s original inhabitants. Lakes Seneca and Cayuga are the two largest lakes in the cluster, where most of the wineries are located.

The Wine Scene
Even though wine was made here as far back as the 1800s, it wasn’t until the 1960s that farmers began to take the Finger Lakes seriously. There are now over 100 wineries in the area, on 11,000 acres: It’s the largest wine producing area in New York. The region is often compared to Germany, as far as climate is concerned.

Sheldrake Point dry roséSheldrake Point
Sheldrake Point Winery, located on Cayuga Lake, has been in business since 1998. The 160 acre lakeshore site that is now Sheldrake Point Vineyard was operated as an orchard and dairy farm from 1850 until the mid 1980s. Owners Chuck Tauck and Fran Littin were attracted to the Finger Lakes wine industry during Chuck’s graduate work at the Cornell Hotel School. Together, they transformed the property into today’s winery and vineyard.

The Wine

Sheldrake Point’s Dry Rosé 2016 is made from 100% Cabernet Franc,
a French wine grape (famous in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley) that is starting to show some fantastic results in the region. Normally used to make red wines, this rosé is made by allowing the red grape skins to sit in the crushed juice for two days, just enough time to extract that beautiful salmon/onion-skin color.

The wine is floral and fruity, with an interesting herbal scent. It makes me think of orange peels, strawberries and sage. The sage/herbal smell is neat; typical of the Cab Franc grape when grown in a cooler climate. It’s zingy, acidic and lively, and you get this rush of tangy grapefruit, berries and even some minerals as it fades out on your tongue.

Enjoying Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé
As the weather warms up, rosés are all the rage, and rightfully so. They’re fun, refreshing and versatile (they’re also pretty to look at). Something light and zingy like this is perfect with appetizers and light fare. This would be great with a salad (add raspberry vinaigrette for additional wow factor), grilled veggies, light, spreadable cheeses, charcuterie, or my favorite: watermelon and arugula salad.

Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé 2016
Available in Pennsylvania’s Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores
Item #17662
Price: $16.99